Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA, RK Arts Studio is a combination of the principles of natural energies, meditation, herbalism, and creativity to bring inspirational and healing influences into everyday spaces. RKAS brings to your chosen location an inclusive space for thosel who seek relaxation, healing, compassion, and forward movement.


Believing that self-care is a necessary, important and supportive physiological and psychological act that must be addressed in daily practice will help you achieve homeostasis and sacred well-being. By supporting yourself and your energy, you’re better able to be present and active within yourself and in the world around you. Services include meditations, massage therapy, energy healing services, therapeutic creativity and art, and short term bodymind coaching.


Mindful Living & Artist Statement

With focused alternative therapies on purposeful and elevated living, our realized humanity and physiological changes bring to light the colloquy of passing time, homeostasis, and conceptualized reality.


Through the current act of compassion and attunement, my energetic medicine work translates the living Biofield into an accelerated natural healing state process where alignment is obtained.


My recent visual photographic and fine artwork have been an investigation of poetics, the transcendental, and landscapes within the inner and outer worlds by delving into the connectedness of what is real and abstract and by creating conversations between the subconscious mind and color.

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RK Arts Studio

Charlottesville, VA 22902


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